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Looking for Rhinoplasty Brisbane?. If you live in Brisbane, and you have thought that your nose might have some issues, you had an accident and are in need of surgical enhancement or you simply want the nose of a movie star, you should come to talk to us at FIND MY SURGEON. Our doctors are experts in rhinoplasty and definitely can help you.

If you live in Brisbane, we are the best option for rhinoplasties. Here, at FIND MY SURGEON, we care about your health and your looks, and many years of professional experience back us. Talk to us! We certainly have the solution for your nose problem.

Rhinoplasty Brisbane
Rhinoplasty Brisbane

FMS’s Rhinoplasty Brisbane | What is treatable by Rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery performed on the nose that can help fix problems like size, width or alignment of the nose, the position of the nostrils, corrections on humps or depressions on the bridge, nasal asymmetry and aesthetics of the tip.

If you have any of these problems, our doctors are the perfect fit for you!

How is the process?

After you have decided that a rhinoplasty is a right choice for you, you begin with a consultation with our experts. They will ask you things like:

What your aesthetical and functional expectations are (size/shape and breathing issues).

If you have any preexisting conditions if you are taking any medications if you have had any previous surgeries and your habits regarding alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

The doctor will examine and measure your nose and provide you with the best treatment options suited for you.

Your breasts are completely developed and you feel like you still want an augmentation.

Your doctor will also inform you about the surgical procedure and the potential risks or limitations.

Rhinoplasty Brisbane: What are the risks?

A rhinoplasty is a very simple and quick procedure that in most cases presents with no serious complications whatsoever. However, any surgical procedure is inherently risky and you should be aware that, while highly uncommon, these are some of the potential complications you may experience after your surgery:

Anesthesia-related risks

Your doctor will explain to you the anesthesia options and their upsides and downsides.


Infection may arise if you are not careful with the post-operatory care.

Scarring/Healing Ratio

While our doctors are well trained and experienced, proper scarring and healing are often related to genetic aspects.

FMS | Rhinoplasty Brisbane: Recovery

How is the recovery?

A Rhinoplasty is an ambulatory procedure. This means that after the procedure is performed, you just need a few hours of close monitoring and then you can walk home the same day. Your doctor will explain to you how to effectively prevent any complications and will indicate to you what kinds of care and medication are the best suited for you and your lifestyle. It should only be a matter of weeks before you can return to your regular activities while proudly displaying your new nose!


What Our Clients Say

Hands down the finest surgeons in Brisbane. I am thrilled with my results. The doctor was very patient and I felt like they took me seriously and answered all my questions. Overall a wonderful experience.

Laura Elam

Looking back at old photos of myself and comparing to my results confirms I made a great decision! I love my new nose. Don’t stress out like I did, you are in great hands here.

Diane Clarke

Can’t praise them enough! I found these guys at the top of Google while doing research for rhinoplasty in Brisbane and I’m so glad I did. I got a great doctor, the staff was wonderful and the results exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

Jeffrey Washington

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